Precision drawn and stamped metal components

The Cly-Del Manufacturing Company is a fourth generation family-owned and operated business dedicated to preserving the tradition of American manufacturing.

A trusted source

Cly-Del is a contract manufacturer trusted by its global client base, ranging from small and medium-sized companies to large multinational corporations. We take pride in our reputation and ability to consistently deliver an extensive range of services and innovative production capabilities to our customers since 1939.


Skilled Employees


Square Foot Facility

3.5+ Billion

Parts Produced Annually

Precision-formed components in mass production

Cly-Del is a leading global supplier of essential precision components. By incorporating modern efficient technologies alongside industry-revered machinery and equipment, Cly-Del continues to be a highly adaptable strategic partner for custom drawn and stamped components. All production takes place at our facilities in Waterbury, Connecticut.

  • Transfer Press Stamping

  • Progressive Stamping

  • Compound Die Stamping

  • Cupping

  • Transfer Press Stamping

    We use the latest advances to extend our capabilities in transfer press production, and create highly reliable custom draw formed, deep drawn, and Eyeletype™ metal components.

  • Progressive Stamping

    Our highly developed progressive stamping processes and capabilities ensure maximum efficiency and economy for multi-stage, high-volume, and close tolerance contract production.

  • Compound Die Stamping

    Suitable for fast and efficient production of low-complexity components, Cly-Del’s approach is simple, straightforward, and economical. Compound die stamping combines high repeatability of several single-stage operations in one stroke.

  • Cupping

    Quality cans, shells, and casings begin with quality cups. Cly-Del’s market-leading production capabilities are made possible by our advanced cupping solutions and extensive knowledge base.

Optimized solutions for a wide range of industries

Capabilities that drive continued success

We offer over 80 years of industry experience serving many different industrial and consumer sectors. With the production capacity to serve high-volume markets and unsurpassed capabilities, we are committed to forming long-term partnerships that drive success.

  • Quality

  • Engineering

  • Tool and Die

  • Prototyping

  • Equipment

  • Value-add

Specialized product development

Cly-Del has extensive experience in designing and re-engineering components to be production ready. We offer close collaboration with clients to deliver excellence, foster long-term partnerships, and ultimately bring products to market faster. Our services encompass fully integrated processes, starting with custom tool design and precision toolmaking, followed by sample component production, high-volume manufacturing, and unparalleled support for our products throughout their lifecycle.

  • Design and engineering of components for manufacturability and economy.

  • Conversion and optimization for stamping from other manufacturing methods.

  • Transfer of existing tooling and equipment for production continuity.

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